--  The Multimedia Appliance Platform

What is it?

Guacamayo is an Open Source software platform for creating multimedia appliances, including multimedia UPnP/DLNA servers, audio players, and full-featured multimedia centres.

Based on the proven Yocto framework, Guacamayo focuses on providing components and enabling technologies essential to leverage the full potential of today's commodity hardware. High consumer expectations regarding multimedia user experience require solutions tailored specifically to every use case -- Guacamayo is designed from bottom up to facilitate this.

Although fully functional in its own right, Guacamayo is a platform rather than an end product: its components can be customised to meet the requirements of a specific appliance or UX design -- Guacamayo makes it possible to bootstrap an appliance software stack with a minimal effort, leaving resources free for the more interesting and rewarding tasks.

What do I get?

UPnP/DLNA functionality provided by Rygel, audio and video services by PulseAudio and GStreamer, and MediaExplorer media centre user interface (based on Clutter, an OpenGL / GLES toolkit), to mention just the more interesting bits. All neatly prepackaged for different appliance types (media servers, audio players, video players).

What hardware does it run on?

Intel® Atom™ based hardware, RaspberryPi, Texas Instruments OMAP™ processors (e.g., Beagleboard, Beaglebone).

Where is it?


Where are we?

#guacamayo at Freenode, @MetaGuacamayo on Twitter, or you can follow us on Tumblr

Commercial support for Guacamayo is available from sleep(5) ltd, who have extensive experience with commercial Yocto deployment.